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The Mojave Desert Tortoise’s population has declined by 90% in some areas and is listed as ‘threatened’. The rate of decline is accelerating.

The environment is not responsible for their decline. The Desert Tortoise is threatened by man. Their natural populations have been decimated by development, habitat destruction and fragmentation, and other human-caused threats including chemical and hormonal pollution, invasive alien species, by various illnesses due to introduced pathogens, such as the upper respiratory tract disease and by a number of other human caused factors. Conservation International’s President, Russell Mittermeier says: “Turtles have been around since before many dinosaurs walked the planet and have survived relatively unchanged for about 250 million years, but mankind’s actions have brought them to the brink of extinction. It’s our responsibility to bring them back.”

Together, we can turn this situation around, and insure that these wonderful, gentle, harmless animals recover, prosper, and are one day no longer threatened. Our idea is simple and straight-forward: We will design, build and operate a Desert Tortoise Awareness Center and Experience in the Palm Springs area. The Center will educate visitors on the threats facing the Mojave Desert Tortoise and what visitors can do to turn the situation around. Much the same way that, over the past 40 years, most Americans learned to pick up after their dogs, and to separate recycling from their other garbage, so too, we are convinced, the human behaviors which are causing and have caused the tortoise to decline can be reversed. With your help, we will lead the way. Thank you for your support.
"The tortoise of fable won his race with the hare. And with your help, the desert tortoise can win this race as well".
Ron Berger
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To make a donation, please send to:
The Desert Tortoise Conservancy
P.O. Box 5828, Palm Springs, CA 92263

For additional information:
Phone: (503) 522-6611

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